Designing an Azure Data Solution

March 13, 2020

Designing an Azure Data Solution certification (DP-201) is intended for Azure data engineers. The exam validates one’s skills to design data processing solutionsdesign Azure data storage solutions, and design for data security and compliance.

Designing an Azure Data Solution: Azure data engineers are responsible for data-related design tasks that include designing Azure data storage solutions that use relational and non-relational data stores, batch and real-time data processing solutions, and data security and compliance solutions.

In this course, the students will design various data platform technologies into solutions that are in line with business and technical requirements. This can include on-premises, cloud, and hybrid data scenarios which incorporate relational, NoSQL, or Data Warehouse data. They will also learn how to design process architectures using a range of technologies for both streaming and batch data. The students will also explore how to design data security, including data access, data policies, and standards. They will also design Azure data solutions, which includes the optimization, availability, and disaster recovery of big data, batch processing, and streaming data solutions.

In this module, the students will learn how to design and build secure, scalable, and performant solutions in Azure by examining the core principles found in every good architecture. They will learn how using key principles throughout architecture, regardless of technology choice, can help you design, build, and continuously improve the architecture for an organization’s benefit.

In this module, students will learn the reference design and architecture patterns for dealing with the batch processing of data. The student will be exposed to dealing with the movement of data from on-premises systems into a cloud data warehouse and how it can be automated. The students will also be exposed to an AI architecture and how the data platform can integrate with an AI solution.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 20 Hours

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Performance and Scalability

Module 2: Azure Batch Processing Reference Architectures

Module 3: Azure Real-Time Reference Architectures

Module 4: Data Platform Security Design Considerations

Module 5: Designing for Resiliency and Scale

Module 6: Design for Efficiency and Operations

Course Information

Estimated Time: 20 Hours

Difficulty: Intermediate


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